Precast Concrete Blocks & Barriers

Rivers Sand and Gravel also produces some precast concrete products including blocks and barriers. Decorative design blocks are available with color and texture. Custom Precast products can also be made upon request.

Concrete Blocks

Ideal for building retaining walls, temporary or permanent foundations, ramps, securement points or whatever the lego loving child in all of us could dream up. Easy to move with a lifting cable in the top. Will work with most other similar locking top blocks.

Standard Full Size = 30”x30”x60” / 2000kg(4500lbs) approx.

Interlocking Top Flat Top


Half Size = 30”x30”x30” / 1000kg(2200lbs) approx.

Interlocking Top Flat Top

Sloped End = 30”x30”x60” / 1500kg(3375lbs)approx.

Concrete Barriers

Ideal for traffic control, blocking access, protecting facilities and store fronts, obstacles and other dangers. Clean lines without the hook and loop in the ends. Easy to move with lifting cables in the top and fork holes in the bottom.

Standard = 8’ long x 32’ tall, 24” wide at the base and 8.5” wide at the top. 1600kg(3600lbs)approx.

Some Past Custom Precast

Concrete Shooting Bench – 54” deep x 58” wide x 36” tall. Adjustable seat.

Pressure Pipe Protection Blocks – 30”x30”x30” w/12” hole

Green Concrete Coffee Table